Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017!


Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. It is officially January 1st, 2017 and I am writing this at the tail end of the day.

Our current time is 11:34 P.M. and I am writing now because I think it is important to get this particular post up as soon after the new year as possible.

Edit: It is now January 2nd, 2017 and I am finishing the final edit on this post and publishing it today.

Today was busy but good. I have already started my New Year’s Goals/Intentions and it feels good.

I recently read some great information on the differences between resolutions and goals/intentions which I covered in my last post. I must say I prefer the idea of goals/intentions.

Please see my last post that I have linked here (it will open in a new window) for details on what I read and where you can find it too. –> Update & Saying Goodbye To 2016

If you fail at resolutions it is all done…there is no coming back from that failure. Resolutions seem to be set in stone with a do or die kind of feel to them.

If you fail to reach and attain a goal you can simply figure out what held you back from achieving it and then reassess and readjust the goal to try again.

I don’t know about you but I for one am tired of feeling like a New Year failure. That is what made me stop writing resolutions in the first place.

I guess before I go too much further I should let you all in on what I have defined as my goals and intentions for 2017.


My Goals /Intentions For 2017

(Whoa…that looks official, doesn’t it?)

Goal # 1 – Call and talk to friends and family once a week or more often this year.

The intention behind goal #1 – I want to and need to keep in touch with the people that matter to me and this year I intend to do just that. These people matter to me and for far too long I have allowed life to distract me and let it get me too busy doing things instead of connecting with the people I love.

Goal #2 – Read 40 books in 2017 keeping track using Goodreads.

The intention behind goal #2 – I will spend more time doing what I enjoy, which is reading, I want to invest more ME time. I have spent a lot of time doing the do things and lost track of my joy. I want to reclaim that happiness that I had before life got too busy.

Goal #3 – One day per week do artwork for either my YouTube channel or my blog (or both).

The intention behind goal #3 – I will not only get artistic content for both my channel and my blog but I will also spend more time creating art, drawing, painting and so on.

It has been too long since I took out my sketchbook and just focussed on my art. Again, I will spend more time doing what I enjoy with the bonus of creating content which I need anyway.

It is important to focus on a limited number of goals in order to ensure a better chance at success.

I stopped at three goals/intentions since I have not written a New Year Resolutions List for years. If I keep my number of goals down to a modest three I stand a better chance of being able to achieve them.

Too many goals and it will be all too easy to lose track and lose focus. I need to be able to keep my goals in sight front and center all year in order to work toward them every day.

Let’s face it if the list was a long one of 10 goals I would eventually, and in fairly short order I would think, look at the long list and give up.

That huge list would look more and more like a burden instead of something I want to strive for.

If I manage to conquer these goals this year I figure it will build my confidence to try for bigger goals next year. Correction; I have to rephrase that so I am not defeating myself before I start.

What I should have said was WHEN I conquer these goals this year… the intention is everything. What was that saying? Oh yes, this one!

In particular, I am thinking of the second set of lines. Watch your words for they become actions.


Today was only the first day of the year and I have actually worked on two of the three goals. I spent quite a bit of time this afternoon reading.

If you click on the Goodreads panel down there on the right side of the screen you will be taken to my Goodreads list of book(s) that I am currently reading.

I also made a phone call to connect with someone I love. That simple act of talking to them on the phone made me smile and I realize once again I need to do this more.

People are always more important than things.

How is your New Year starting out so far? Mine is working out pretty well, so far,…I feel invigorated and full of hope for this fresh start in a brand new year.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post once again my friends, I really appreciate your support. 🙂




Reflections As I Start The New Year


How is everyone doing with their New Year Resolutions? LOL I have learned not to make them anymore…I just end up breaking them soon after the New Year and then feel bad about myself which is not the point of the exercise is it? Instead I take time to reflect on the year just past and determine what I need to do to this year to improve …without making hard and fast resolutions that I MUST stick to. I guess you could say I am trying to be kinder and gentler with myself.

So this year I have determined that I need to put more time into building my You Tube channel. Finally I am seeing some progress when it comes to making money through You Tube and a definite increase in my subscribers…that is encouraging. Now I feel motivated to make more videos, answer more emails and document everything for my channel be it RCs, cooking, crafts, jewelry making, reviews, whatever I end up doing with my days. I have a variety channel so a little bit of everything works…I mean there is always someone out there on the net looking for answers or videos showing how things work.

I have also been reflecting on my friendships and realize they are an important part of my life. I treasure each and every one of the people I call my friends. Some relationships I have had this past year have had to end…when talking to someone causes too much stress and I have tried to get things talked through with no good progress after a solid effort it is time to walk away for the sake of my own sanity. So I enter 2016 with a clear conscience and feel inner peace with life in general.

I have been looking at the time I spend on social media…which to some extent is part and parcel of building my You Tube channel. You have to be connected to the outside world on the internet in order to get your videos shared around the planet. I am aiming at trying to find and maintain a balance in my life. So much time spent on You Tube production and maintenance, social media (yes, I include Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pintrest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +) and also my down time be that doing housework or spending time with my husband.

That pretty much sums up how I am feeling and thinking as 2016 begins. We shall see how the year progresses and I will keep talking to you guys so please keep checking back for new postings. Until next time….be good to each other and yourself! =)