Tears By The Lake


Another prompt from 365 Days Of Writing Prompts inspired today’s post. I find these much more fascinating than the current daily one word prompts.

Ode to a playground : A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

There was a very special place  when I was growing up. I went there when I was upset or just needed to get away and think. I have always been drawn to water; it calms my soul.

This place, my hideaway, was on the shore of Lake Ontario located about two kilometers down the dirt road from our house in the country. I used to walk there and back whenever I needed to.

Sadly, it is gone now. I am beyond heartbroken to tell you that the boulder that I used to sit on has been shattered and spread across a huge area.

I have no idea what happened to it; I am still in shock. I used to sit on that boulder with my knees drawn up to my chin and my arms around them while I rocked and cried.

No longer is it my safe haven, no longer can I go and claim my private perch on the boulder feeling the sun’s warmth radiate from the black granite. A place I could call my own.

If I closed my eyes I could almost picture it hugging and soothing me. It was my friend when I had none of the human variety. It listened to my woes without judgment or interruption.

Though my eyes were often full of tears down there and my vision blurry as a result I could hear the water lapping at the shore. I could hear the seagulls cry as they searched for food scraps.

The warm breeze gently blew through my hair; such was the backdrop of my solitary thinking rock. There was peace and serenity in that place and oh how I used to savor it.

The long walk down that road was calming in itself; they do say exercise is helpful for battling depression. At the end of the road, there was a narrow footpath through the tall grass that leads down to the lake.

To the right of the footpath was a local radio relay station. No one was on staff there it was simply a bank of six buildings with long metal structures reaching up into the sky.

Along the length of these metal, structures were the satellite dishes at various different levels and directions that broadcast the signal for miles and miles. At the very tops of them were red flashing lights to alert planes that they were there.

Going along the footpath through the long grass often made me feel like I was entering a sacred place. The long grass was keeping the lonely, painful world separate and away from my precious oasis.

The rest of the beach was strewn with driftwood and smaller rocks with weeds, poking out here and there, at the edge of the sand. If the day was hot there was sometimes a green scum that would chase the waves to the shore.

Even now, if I close my eyes I can still picture it in my mind. I can see it and hear the waves and the birds. Stepping onto the beach from the footpath the first thing you could see was that massive boulder just off to your left.

I would emerge back through the long grass after spending an hour, perhaps longer, there feeling renewed and at peace. It was as if the water had washed away my stress and cares.

Right now I live so far away from where my lakeside boulder was. I am much, much older now as well but knowing that my beloved place of respite is gone grieves me to my core.

It no longer exists so there will be no nostalgic trips there to once again feel the heat radiating from the boulder. It is gone as is the footpath that leads to it.

The photos in the newspaper showed the whole area fenced off. There is an expanse of that yellow plastic caution tape wrapped around a hastily erected fence of thin boards.

There was no explanation in the paper of what happened; what or who destroyed it and put the beach off limits. The article only noted that police are warning the public to stay clear of the area while they investigate.

Farewell boulder, farewell footpath, and beach. Thankfully you were there when I needed you. I don’t think there will ever be a place like that for me again. 😥






Color Me Less Stressed =)

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You must have heard all about this coloring craze by now. Adult coloring books have made companies, that produce them, money hand over fist.

Focusing on coloring is a soothing activity that leaves all your worries and stress behind you. I want to get some to try, these kinds of pictures are right up my alley.

The little child in you comes out to play and gets to be creative. These books are so refined, intricate and elaborate begging you to bring them to life with color!

There are books with intricate designs like the ones I have featured in the slideshow above and there are intricate pictures of landscapes and people and everything imaginable.

Fine-tipped markers or pencil crayons are the usual media but I have also seen paint sets or pastels used as well. You can find them in almost any genre you are looking for.

If you like horses, say, or cats, or city streets there are books that will capture your imagination and have you looking forward to sitting down with a coffee and engaging your senses.

These things are reasonably priced as well…talk about not getting stressed out. LOL, They can be found anywhere from bookstores to your local WalMart. They sit there tempting me on the shelves as I pass by on my way to pick up food, pop or my prescriptions.

They sit there tempting me on the shelves as I pass by on my way to pick up food, pop or my prescriptions.

Much like coloring pages for kids that you can find for free on the internet and print at home there are adult coloring pages up there too. Hmm, I just got a new black tank for my printer.

A couple of memories come to mind of other colorings I have done since I hit my teenage years.

The first memory is purchasing a coloring book for older kids, Bugs Bunny and the gang if I remember right. I also bought a brand new 64 pack of crayons with the sharpener on the back.

Do you remember those? That was the ultimate crayon box that all kind of kids wished for. So many colors to choose from and the names on the wrappers were so interesting.

I was older when I bought those, although I am not sure of my exact age I do recall I was almost in high school. It was during the summer and we were visiting some friends at their cottage.

It was so relaxing and revitalizing going back to my coloring days like when I was four or five. That was then when I was not that far from those early days, to begin with. Today I am much, much older and the thought of coloring again makes me feel whimsical.

The second memory is of those posters you could get with designs like these in a tube and you got a pack of thin markers in with it. The design I had was a long winding road with all sorts of weird and wonderful cars and vehicles and people.

Some posters had that fake velvet everywhere that the design wasn’t. Depending on the design it could work to your benefit to have the bright colors stand out extra bright against the black background.

My long winding road full of weird and wonderful people and vehicles was not the velvet kind. This I do remember, all these years later I can still picture it in my mind and see with great clarity the man with the exaggerated step forward wearing this fringed vest with a peace symbol on the back.

Next time you are in your local bookstore or WalMart have a look on the shelves for adult coloring books and the kits you can get with fine markers or pencil crayons.

Tell me that they don’t call out to the little kid in you that is begging as you walk by to please, please, pulleezz can we get one. Come on…how can you resist that face? =)

Happy coloring one and all!

Stubborn People Frustrate Me!

Frustration with stubborn people

Today’s post is inspired by the one word Daily Prompt


I don’t know about you but stubborn people frustrate the heck out of me. I try not to be stubborn myself although I mostly likely am stubborn from others’ viewpoints at times. I guess that really is a subjective measurement. What classifies as stubborn to one may not to another. This blog is about things from my perspective, however, so please proceed with that in mind.

The other day I had a little mishap with my ceramic top stove. A pot of mushroom soup boiled over and left a huge mess on the hot cooktop. Now I am the one who usually cooks in this house and as such am the one with the most knowledge and experience with this stove.

I have wanted a ceramic top stove ever since they came out but finances dictated that we buy used coil burner stoves for the longest time. Ugh, those stupid pots under the burners that catch things like boil overs. They are notoriously hard to clean even if you use one of those foil inserts to help protect them. Then there is the matter of the coil burners that sometimes shift and do not hold your pot level. Talk about frustrating!

I can deal with that frustration though since it is an inanimate object and there is no will behind the things messing up on the stove. It is simply a stove messing up due to lousy design. Finally, though,  we were able to afford not only a ceramic top stove but a brand new one. So I hope you can understand my protectiveness over it.

People, on the other hand, are another matter entirely. Their stubbornness tells me that they are so sure they are right that they will continue doing whatever they want regardless of what I have to say. It is as if I don’t matter like I know nothing and couldn’t possibly be right about what I am saying.

Okay, back to the mushroom soup boil over on my ceramic top stove…someone happened to be in the kitchen with me at the time and leaped into action. I already had my hand on the pot handle and was moving it off the active burner. They grabbed a washcloth ran it under the cold water and proceeded to try to wipe up the mess on and around the burner!

Now, I do understand they were trying to help me and their intentions were good in that sense. But, that is the fastest way to crack the cooktop and I rapidly told them this. The owners manual advises to let the mess be until the stove has cooled completely at which time you use the special cleaner for the stove and the non-scratching pad for this purpose to apply the cleaner. Then you take a microfiber cloth and wipe it clean and buff to a shine.

Since I had wanted a stove like this for years and I was the one who had the most experience with it and had studied the care, cleaning and use of it I was offended when they didn’t immediately stop when I told them they could crack it.

They did stop, eventually…but oh, the stress and frustration I was dealing with by then. Now, I do feel horrible telling you all this about someone who was only trying to help when it happened but it is the most direct example of frustrating people I can think of at the moment. It illustrates my point precisely.

I guess what I am trying to say by saying all of that is that sometimes, just sometimes, I need people to listen to me.

What I know and what I say has value. I just want to be heard.

I will admit that this has been an ongoing issue, a sore spot, for me from years and years ago when I was growing up. I need to figure out how to heal that old wound so it doesn’t aggravate my life now, but how?

That is the question, isn’t it?

I would be interested to know how you deal with stubborn people. If there are any helpful techniques I could practice I would sure appreciate hearing about them.

Thanks for stopping by and reading another rant post from me. I just had to get that off my chest and make others aware of the dangers of hot versus cold when it comes to ceramic tops.

Have a wonderful day/night (whatever it is when you are reading this) my friends.  =)

Two Heads Are Better Than One


Have you ever heard of that saying up there? Yes, the title of this post, that saying. It is true, you know, two heads are often better than one and sometimes more than two heads are ideal. I am talking about all kinds of situations where you really do need more input or information than what is rattling around in your own brain.

There are times in this life where another person’s viewpoint has value like when you are struggling with a decision or trying to figure out how to handle a situation. Those other heads I am talking about can be the ones on all kinds of people. They can be close to you such as family or friends or they could be from a much broader sampling of people like a poll on the internet, or they could be a professional such as a therapist, doctor or psychiatrist.

Sometimes you don’t require an answer from them at all. Sometimes you just need a sounding board, hearing yourself tell someone the problem you’re facing is often enough to allow you to work out the solution for yourself. Again, that could be anyone from a close friend you can trust and confide in to a professional therapist who can give you the guidance you need at that moment or in that situation.

You must carefully consider who to seek out when you want to share something that is troubling you. Is the problem benign, like trying to decide on what to have for dinner? A friend or dinner companion is the perfect choice to consult for this type of problem. If the problem is of a more emotional and heavy sort, like trying to figure out how to go on when you lose a significant relationship or if you are having a hard time dealing with the death of someone close to you…well, for that you really should seek professional counsel. Your friends may be too close to the situation or not know what to say, how to best help you.

Recently I had the honor of helping my sister figure out a certain problem. Let me tell you, it is very satisfying when you can help someone put their mind at ease and make a decision that they feel good about. Most of this post has been from the viewpoint of being the person with the issue but I wanted to show this process from the other side as well. If you can be one of those other heads that someone needs be it a sounding board or fellow brainstormer it is indeed an honor. It means they value your opinion and feel open enough to share their dilemma with you. Never be afraid to suggest seeking out a professional if you feel unequipped to deal with what they are telling you. This can be life saving, life altering advice when it is necessary.

Thanks for visiting my blog my friends. I value each and every one of your heads and would love to hear what you are thinking. Please feel free to leave a comment or question for me. I try to get to each and every one I receive. If you know someone who needs to see this please share it with them. Thanks as well to my sister, Karen, for suggesting I write a post on this subject…turns out I had a lot to say about it after all. LOL =)

I Love Country Life!


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I am back with some great news to report. Ever since we moved out here to the country things have been changing for the better. It is amazing what can happen when you change your location and the four walls around you. Just moving has changed everything for my hubby and me. I will give you some examples so you can understand what I mean and why I am so excited and happy.

Ever since we moved…our bed is made every morning.

Ever since we moved…the dishes are done every night after dinner.

Ever since we moved…the house is clean and spacious.

Ever since we moved…my husband and I play gin rummy every night.

Ever since we moved…we go to bed at a decent hour and are up bright and early every morning. Willingly!

Ever since we moved…we have been losing weight without even trying.

Ever since we moved…our health has improved.

Ever since we moved…my husband has been seriously trying to quit smoking.

Ever since we moved…we have been attending church again every Sunday morning. Halleluiah!! 😉

I swear it has everything to do with not only our new location but with our new surroundings and with our lack of stress and depression. Here (and I will speak for myself only) I feel so much better. This place is bright and beautiful and inspires me to keep it looking great. Our old place…not so much. I feel like I have been given a chance at a new beginning. It is like a breath of fresh air has been blown into our lives reviving my spirit and giving me hope of a better future.  Remember when we were children and if you mucked something up you just had to shout “Do Over” and got a chance to try again? I do and I declare this my official Do Over. =)

I have purged and cleaned and the only things remaining in our home are things we need, value and cherish. All the detritus accumulated over the years is finally gone and I can breathe again. There is nothing weighing me down, I feel lighter than air and find myself smiling more and more as the days pass. Thank you, Universe, God, whatever is responsible for this new lease on life. I promise you I will not waste this opportunity to embrace the changes and live a better, happier life.

Well, I will close for now but I just had to share my happiness and make note of all the great things happening in our lives. I want to mark this new chapter in my life and celebrate this momentous new beginning. I’m telling you, you can’t pry this huge grin off my face right now. I am deliriously happy. Hope all of you have a wonderful night/day and thank you again for stopping by to read what I have to say. I appreciate it more than you know.  =]



Finally…All Settled In! Ahhhh!

moved in


Hi everybody, I am so sorry for a long time between posts again but hopefully that is the last long stretch without posting.

Near the end of May, I was so stressed out about the move that I actually had chest pains that would stop me dead in my tracks. I felt completely and utterly exhausted in my mind, body and spirit. I was worried about the moment we had to hand the keys back to our former landlords. We had lived in that apartment/house for 14 years. The landlord suddenly found something he needed to do over at a neighbors ( the landlady said it was because he was upset we were leaving and couldn’t deal with the whole key thing) so the landlady took the keys. We were talking and saying goodbye when she suddenly broke into tears and said she felt like she was losing part of her family. She asked if we would stop by to visit once in a while when we had to come back to the city for something. We agreed and she felt a little better knowing there were no hard feelings and that they weren’t really “losing” us.  Once the move happened I started feeling better and better.

We have finally gotten settled into our new apartment. When we officially moved in on May 31 st there was lots of unpacking and cleaning to do. I also did a TON of purging again at our new place (still?) Yes, still. I realized how much crap I had inadvertently lugged here and that required another two trips to Value Village and a couple more to Hazardous Waste Depot (both places are back in our old city 25 minutes up the highway)to get rid of lots of cardboard from boxes I had emptied and then flattened down. Of course that all took time. I really haven’t had a break for over a month and a half now. This morning is the first time I have had a chance to take a book outside to the patio table and read while I sipped my morning tea. I have gotten a couple of videos on my YouTube channel just yesterday and writing a blog post was next on my list.

Life should return to normal now that all the rigamarole that goes along with moving is finally done. Phew!! I will try my hardest to get back to scheduling posts so that they are back to every third day. I feel so out of sync with everything, you guys, my YouTube channel, life. It has been a wonderful thing, though, our moving here, as the stress seems to just be draining out of our bodies. We are sleeping well and waking up early feeling rested. It must be the country air. =) Have I mentioned that I grew up out in the country and this is my favorite place to be. Cities drive me up a wall…seriously, people are so close and it is noisy and busy. Here there is peace and quiet and no light pollution so you can see a massive amount of stars at night. LOL, can you tell how in love with this place I am? Our new landlords are wonderful – as we get to know them better and they get to know us better this is turning out to be a great fit on both sides. We helped get their huge above ground swimming pool ready for the season and have been invited to use it once in a while when it gets hot. We will be arranging separate times from them so we can use it by ourselves whether they are home or not. Apparently, this is the first year that the pool has been set up for the season in one night. Usually, we are told, it takes a few consecutive nights going at it bit by bit; hauling the cover off, clearing away the empty jugs that hold the cover off the water, getting the pump equipment into place, adjusting the decking from the frost heaving that happens every year, adding fresh water to bring the level back up, shocking the water and cleaning out the leaves and bugs that linger on the bottom. You know the saying is true, though…many hands do make light work.

We have received mail here so we know the address change worked. Our new driver’s licenses arrived in said mail so we now have our ID changed over officially. Whew, it has been a long haul but now we are truly HOME. Every trip we have taken into the city since the move feels weird, but we are so happy to be able to leave that craziness behind and come home. It still hits us that we used to live there but it doesn’t feel like home anymore. We don’t miss it. At all. 

Here are a few pictures of the place before we moved in. It is bright, beautiful and has never been lived in before. We call it our little piece of heaven. Thanks for stopping by to read what I have to say, everybody. I do appreciate all the visits and comments and questions. Your support means the world to me. =)

Rant Video Now Posted On My YouTube Channel


Good evening everybody. I just had to post this on my blog tonight. I was not going to post again until after we had moved on Tuesday morning, then today happened.  =(

Have you ever dealt with an online company that thinks they do not have to care what their customers think? Banggood.com is just such a company. If you want the full story please watch my video on my YouTube channel where I did a joint video with my husband who also had issues with Banggood today. We both had the same issue, overdue orders (one on his account and one on mine) that had not shown up in the mail in the time specified by the company (7-20 business days). The difference is Banggood eventually treated him like gold and me like dirt. We each went on Live Chat on the website with very different results.  Let’s just say I am not a very happy camper…with all the stress of moving (packing, cleaning, organizing and moving our stuff) I did not need this today.  Companies like this need to learn to cultivate a GOOD reputation and not tick off customers, especially ones that not only have YouTube channels and blogs but are also on all the social media platforms. I just wanted to share my experience so that others can possibly avoid having to go through what I just did.

Here is the link to my video.

Rant Video Banggood Treated Me Like A POS Today

Please have a look and let me know what you think either here or on the video in the comment section. Thanks, everyone, I appreciate your time and your thoughts. Have a good night/day. =)